I look for beauty and meaning in the castoffs of daily life. The work addresses issues of identity, time, waste and consumerism.

When an object captures my attention I start collecting it, and if possible, involve the local community to help me amass enough examples. The process is intuitive and often lets the materials speak for themselves in their raw form requiring no further interpretation.  At other times the objects act as a link to a backstory, a feeling or an event. The final meaning may not be revealed until deep into the making process and can come in a sudden moment of realization.

Many of the pieces are made in stages over a period of months and even years. Some of the work is ongoing with no completion in sight.


Michèle Fandel Bonner is a mixed media artist. She is a member of the Surface Design Association, Cambridge Arts Association and Marblehead Arts Association. Her work has been shown in New England, North Carolina, Michigan, England and Australia. She teaches various fiber technique workshops around New England.  She holds a BA in Art Therapy from the University of Massachusetts. Michèle lives and works in Marblehead, Massachusetts.